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Website is updated quarterly. The supply chain is really backed up right now, and in some cases alternate vendors are being sourced who are charging more for production items and finishing processes than we have paid in the past. Unfortunately, these cost increases must be passed on if we are to continue stocking these items. Item availability is as current as possible. In the event an ordered item is out of stock, you will receive date order status and estimates for future delivery.

Factory Surplus Model 500.535.590.835 Stock and Forearms
Assorted Camo synthetics from $35
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Factory Closeout Model 9200 Barrels Assorted Rifled and Smooth Bore Slug Barrels, Accu-Choke Bird Barrels from $99
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Welcome to Havlin Sales & Service, your one-stop shopping site for Mossberg® parts. Established as a mail-order Mossberg parts company in 1988 by Victor and Cheryl Havlin, Havlin Sales & Service specializes in parts for obsolete models, but also carries quite a few parts and accessories for current production shotguns as well. The Havlins also co-founded the National Mossberg Collectors Association®, a club for Mossberg collectors. More information on the NMCA may be found at www.mossbergcollectors.org.

How to use this site:

  1. Identify type of rifle or shotgun and go to that page: Your choices are:
  2. If you are looking for barrels use the CLOSE-OUT BARRELS page. If you are looking for accessories or chokes, choose the ACCESSORIES/CHOKES page. If you are looking stocks, choose the MODERN SHOTGUN STOCKS page.
  3. WEB SPECIALS is a page devoted to discounted or seasonal items. GUNSMITH SPECIALS offer great discounts on low-cost “solutions” to problems that may require skilled fitting or alteration.  GUNSMITH SPECIALS are sold as is – no refunds or exchanges on these items. FIREARMS SPECIALS is a contact source for collectible and shooting rifles, shotguns and scopes.
  4. TACTICAL ACCESSORIES features new military/LE home defense accessories for Mossberg® pump shotgun Models 500/590/835™ and auto-loaders 5500/9200™.  New items include shotgun scopes, tri-rails, forends and combos.

  5. REMINGTON® 870™ ACCESSORIES features pistol grip handles and a new tactical folding stock

  6. LINK TO MOSSBERG CORPORATE takes you to O.F. Mossberg & Sons® website. Visit them for an on-line catalog of current model firearms, local dealer locator, product upgrades or recall notices and FAQs on current firearms.

  7. COLLECTIBLES is a page of officially licensed logo knives, game hunting kits and lighting accessories each displaying the Mossberg brand!  Great gift items at a reasonable price!
  8. HOW TO ORDER gives you an option for telephone charge, mail order form, or secure on-line ordering..
  9. CONTACT US with any questions you may have about Mossberg® parts.

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